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Pay Tribute To Lord Sai On 100th Anniversary Of MAHASAMADHI By Joining MAHAPARAYAN the Historical Monumental Event On Global Level!

To get connected to MahaParayan emotionally and to strengthen your faith in it and Shirdi Sai Baba, we request you to kindly go through these articles on our blog

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4) Tests And Leelas During The Making Of Mahaparayan

5) Leelas Experienced By Members Of Mahaparayan

6) Baba Will Direct MAHAPARAYAN On Global Level

7) Now Baba Is Hinting And Inspiring To MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN

Most of you, must be aware of the sacred book “Shri Sai Satcharitra” which I always call "The Magic Book" as it fulfils all your desires and ward off your problems because of its Enormous and Gigantic power! It is the book which was written by Shirdi Sai Baba Himself making Shri. Hemadpant a medium

Parayan means completing one reading of Sai Satcharitra book with love, faith, patience and total surrender. When we complete reading the whole book with total surrender in 7 days to fulfil our any desire or just out of our love for Baba we call it as "Weekly Parayan". Shirdi Sai Baba gave the idea of single day Group parayan and had already got it implemented successfully where we divided 48 chapters amongst 48 people and completed the parayan with combined efforts purely for Baba out of love, on His Samadhi Day - Dasera, 2016. (Although there are 51 chapters, we count the paired chapters as one chapter). So each person by reading just one chapter on Dasera actually contributed for one whole parayan as they took the responsibility of reading that one chapter which was allotted to them. This Single day Parayan now formed the base of Mahaparayan (with only one group of 48 people) which was Baba’s another hint.

108 for 2: Sounds exciting, huh, it is as exciting as it sounds. Let's know more about it. Shirdi Sai Baba took His Samadhi on 15th Oct 1918, Tuesday on the occasion of Dasera. Blessed are we that we will have the opportunity to witness the Centenary Year Of Mahasamadhi in 2018 Dasera (19 October Friday) that is Completion of 100 Years Of Baba’s Mahasamadhi. The existing groups of Mahaparayan which are in action and read one chapter sequentially every Thursday would be actually completing only 2 cycles of reading the book completely (52 Thursdays in one year) that is two parayans only, but somewhere they would owe the contribution towards 108 parayans on personal level too because it can be possible only because of each other. As we have got only one year now unlike the existing groups of Mahaparayan which are in action, the new groups which would start executing from 30 September 2017 would be reading two chapters every Thursday. And as indicated in dream through mirror where I saw Hanumanji drawn out of Udi by Baba it would revolutionise all of us. Each one of us will somewhere make 5,59,872 parayans possible on global level by reading just two chapters every Thursday for one year for our lovely Baba. How? Kindly go through all seven posts sequentilally to know more.

So isn’t it a great offer? Although of spiritual kind where each one of us actually completes just 2 parayans but each one of us would owe contribution for 108 parayans on individual level and 5,59,872 on global level and so much positive vibes over the globe every Thursday! This is what makes it a Mahaparayan in real sense! Baba now hinting something really very BIG!

I now wish, just as we as one team (Hetalji, Kritiji, Soniaji, Subanyaji and myself just to name a few) working with 108 groups for Mahaparayan, let there be so many leelas experienced by the members that 108 such teams come forward and we help them how to go about it and take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level with 6,04,66,176 parayans in one year for each one of us! You never know as what was just started from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan last year Dasera; was actually laying its foundation for Mahaparayan on global level with only one such team of us as of now! So this Dasera may be Baba laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN ! I know Baba You always encourage good thoughts and nothing is impossible for You! As You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big and we all hope to witness Your wonderful Leela next Dasera, 2018!

As Sai Baba says, "You look to me and I look to You". Let us know those who are interested to form their team of 48 members and mail us at This will also somewhere help us greatly for Baba’s upcoming Still Bigger project if Baba wishes.

Summarising this, MAHAPARAYAN is a tribute to our Baba on completion of Centenary year in 2018 after all even if its our friends’ birthday we try to make them feel special. And now it’s neither golden nor silver jubilee but Centenary year of our Baba Who Is Our Everything. So don’t think even for a moment to be His instruments for upcoming project MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN, if Baba wishes! All who reading it, somewhere Baba is hinting you for His Upcoming Big Project which will start executing on the Centenary Day next year, after all it would not be an ordinary day in the Universe! So what are you waiting for? Register! Grow and Help Grow. As It’s the 100th Anniversary of Our Baba’s Samadhi, Be the instruments of Baba and grab this once in this life time opportunity and be a part of this HISTORICAL MONUMENTAL EVENT! After all Any problem, one solution –SAI..!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Related to MahaParayan

1) What is Sai Satcharitra Parayan?

Ans: Parayan means completing reading of Sai Satcharitra book in specified number of days, usually a week i.e. seven days or 51 days - one chapter per day.

2) What Is Mahaparayan?

Ans: It is Group Satcharitra Parayan on large scale where people all over the world would participate to pay Tribute To Lord Shirdi Sai On 100th Anniversary Of MAHASAMADHI By Joining MAHAPARAYAN the Historical Monumental Event On Global Level.

3) When would Mahaparayan start?

Ans: 30th September 2017 (Dasherra)

4) What is to be done for Mahaparayan?

Ans: One has to read two chapters which are allotted to him/her every Thursday from coming Dasera (30 Sept 2017) to next Dasera (19 Oct 2018) and report once done on the WhatsApp group

5) How and who will allot the chapters?

Ans: You need not worry at all about this, MahaParayan Group members will allott chapters and WhatsApp will be the common platform for communication.

6) If not on WhatsApp can e-mail be used for communication?

Ans: No. Please do not send email saying that you do not have WhatsApp number and request us to consider your entry with email-id. As there will be thousands of people involved we cannot, even if we want to, cater as per individual needs. We need a common platform for group parayan for reporting and directing purpose. As WhatsApp is the most common, popular and easy to use app supported with WhatsApp calling required for global level, WhatsApp is mandatory.

7) While on menses how do ladies read the Satcharitra?

Ans: At such times, ladies will have to read from mobile or pdf files or even Satcharitra’s apps. They may even ask someone else to read loudly and they can hear them. On fourth day after head shower they can read from Satcharitra book too, else from mobiles or computer.

8) Till what time it should be read?

Ans: Ideally it should be read before Thursday gets over. But as its on global level You can read and report till 7 p.m but my request to you all if possible, Read and report as early as possible as we have to track, check and monitor so many thousands of you. It would really help us if you read early.

9) I have filled the p-form during Guru Pournima week celebrations, should I fill it again on website?

Ans: If you have received the acknowledgement with your form in your mailbox, no need to fill P-Form again. If due to any technical/non-technicalreasons you are making another entry please mention the same in suggestions/comment field of your duplicate entry.

10) I have a team of 48 people, how can I be the class teacher?

Ans: You may contact us on

11) By when I shall be added in WhatsApp group?

Ans: It will take around more than one month for all the preparations to be done. So mid September you shall be added to WhatsApp group.

12) Why we are doing Mahaparayan?

Ans: To pay Tribute To Lord Shirdi Sai On 100th Anniversary Of MAHASAMADHI

13) What is unique about Mahaparayan?

Ans: Each one of us will somewhere make 5,59,872 parayans possible on global level and 108 parayans on individual level by reading just two chapters every Thursday for one year for our lovely Baba. Apart from this Baba Himself has ordered, inspired and has also shown the practical exposure. To know more click here

14) How would the candidates be selected?

Ans: Any incorrect information specially your name and WhatsApp number may reject your application. At present only 5000 registrations would be considered on first come first serve basis.

15) If I don’t get into first 5000 entries then?

Ans: Although at present only 5000 registrations would be considered and last date for registration is 31st August 2017, but as Sai Baba is hinting towards the upcoming project the registration part would continue which may later be considered for upcoming project, next year. So keep telling all Sai devotees to register for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN next year.

16) If I am travelling or I forget to read then?

Ans: Its your moral responsibility to read two chapters allotted and report about the same with your roll no and name which would be later provided at the earliest every Thursday. This is responsibility of each of member of MahaParayan to carry out reading properly then at all level the execution becomes smoother. If you fail to report we consider it as unread and have to get those chapters read by someone else which becomes difficult. As even if one chapter remains unread in a particular group the parayan remains incomplete for that group and efforts of everyone who have read are in vain towards parayan. So no matter where you go in the world its your responsibility for those two chapters to get them read either yourself or any of your dear ones. If you allot to someone its ok, but then you don’t complete your gift of 108 parayans for Baba for Centenary year. If in case you read any chapter not alloted to you, it will not count your contribution. So kindly be alert and fulfill your party of duty.

17) If I am travelling and there is time zone difference then when do I read?

Ans: Then preferably you should read according to the Thursday hours of the group in which you are allotted to, else rest of the members’ parayan would not get completed.

18) I have still many queries, whom should i contact further?

Ans: I am sure with time all your querries would be answered. For now All you need to understand is every Thursday reading the two allotted chapters and reporting them on the WhatsApp group.

19) There are 51 chapters in Sai Satcharitra then why group of 48 people?

Ans: We have considered paired 16-17, 18-19, 43-44 chapters as one chapter.

20) Can I see the Index of 51 Chapters of Sai Satcharitra?

Ans: Yes you can Click here

21) Can I see the schedule Of Mhaparayan?

Ans: Yes you can Click here

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