Please, Please Read Below Instructions Before Filling Up The Form For Flawless Execution Of Mahaparayan

1)      The mark * denotes compulsory information required. All entries would be on first come first served basis.

2)      Please give your true and all information required. Please do not give your names as Anonymous, Sai child etc. As there are lakhs of  people involved, we require your first name, middle name and last name. As some don’t have surnames last name is not compulsory. But those who have please mention your last names as lakhs of  people are involved.

3)      Any of the required information filled incorrect can lead to several confusions. So please fill in your email-id, contact number correctly. Please provide your Age also correctly so that it will be helpful for us to decide certain things regarding volunteers. Age is no bar, anyone can participate.

4)      Whats app will have a major role in the execution of our Mahaparayan, and would be our main source of connecting medium. So please give only your phone number having whats app compulsorily. In case you do not have whats app you can give whats app number of the person who would responsibly communicate on your behalf with us and as well as with you on our behalf. In that case please mention at the end that its someone else number. Possibly give your whats app number only.

5)      Each and every field asked to fill is very, very important for us. As groups would be formed according to the time zones (as on Thursday we all need to do the reading before the day gets over) so please fill in the country, city and time details asked correctly.

6)      All need to have Sai Satcharitra having 51 chapters, any language will do, either hard or soft copy. There are few publications from Shirdi Sansthan itself having 55 chapters. But we all need to follow the one having 51 chapters ( where 51st chapter is the epilogue). All those who are participating in Mahaparayan will have to read 2 chapters which would be allotted to him/her every Thursday so that his/her 108 parayans be completed on the centenary year of Baba’s Samadhi( Dasera, 19 October 2018) for Baba.

7)      This Mahaparayan Would be possible with devoted and dedicated team efforts. So please come forward as we need many helping hands for various activities, which you can do it from the home itself. One of the opportunities to thank Baba by volunteering for His work.

8)      As very few people come forward and lots of preparation to be done so please come forward for volunteering. It would be very simple work but need to be done with great responsibility related to mails, data entry, coordinating people, monitoring whats app groups like whether correct chapters read by your team member, whether all chapters completed by your group etc. Rest as Baba said He would be there to guide us and carry all the burden!

9)      In the last section of P-form Any Notes/Remark or any query from your end. Please fill it only if required. Should be less than 30 words. Eg. I don’t have a last name.


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