108 MahaParayan Devotee/Volunteer Registration Form

Please Read Below Instructions and Guidelines Before Filling Up The Form For Flawless Execution Of Mahaparayan

  • The mark * denotes compulsory information required. All entries would be on first come first served basis.
  • Please give your correct and every information required. Please do not give your names as Anonymous, Sai child etc. As there would be around 5500 people involved, we require your first name, middle name and last name.
  • Any incorrect information specially your name and WhatsApp number may reject your application.
  • WhatsApp will play major role in the execution of Mahaparayan and our main source of communication. So please give only your phone number having WhatsApp compulsorily. In case you do not have WhatsApp you can give WhatsApp number of the person who would responsibly communicate on your behalf with us and with you as well on our behalf. In that case please mention at in comments/suggestion box that its someone else number. Possibly give your WhatsApp number only.
  • Please do not send email saying that you do not have WhatsApp number and request us to consider your entry with email-id. As there will be thousands of people involved we cannot even if we want to cater as per individual needs. We need a common platform for group parayan for reporting and direting purpose. As WhatsApp is the most common, popular and easy to use app supported with WhatsApp calling required for global level, WhatsApp is mandatory.
  • Each and every field is very important for us. As groups will be formed according to the time zones (as on Thursday we all need to do the reading before the day gets over) so please fill in the country, city and time details asked correctly.
  • All need to have Sai Satcharitra having 51 chapters, any language will do, either hard or soft copy. There are few publications from Shirdi Sansthan itself having 55 chapters. But we all need to follow the one having 51 chapters (where 51st chapter is the epilogue). All those who are participating in Mahaparayan will have to read 2 chapters which would be allotted to him/her every Thursday so that his/her 108 parayans be completed on the centenary year of Baba’s Samadhi ( Dasera, 19 October 2018) for Shirdi Sai Baba.
  • This Mahaparayan would be possible ONLY with devoted and dedicated team efforts. So please come forward as we need atleast 500 volunteers for various activities, which you can do it from home itself. One of the opportunities to thank Baba by volunteering for His work.
  • The time is also less and lot of preparation has to be done in just 60 days. So please come forward for volunteering. It would be very simple work but need to be done with great responsibility related to emails, data entry, co-ordinating people, whatsapp monitoring whether correct chapters read by your team member, whether all chapters completed by your group etc. Rest as Baba said He would be there to guide us and carry all the
  • You will get an acknowledgement of the P-form filled in your emailbox. So once you have got it in emailbox your registration is done successfully, else you may register again and in remark box mention the technical problem faced.


  • This MAHAPARAYAN would start from 30th Sept 2017, and we need lot of preparations to be done. As already stated your responsibility is of reading and reporting of 2 chapters allotted to you every Thursday. That’s it all you need to do from your end. You can even read from soft copies, mobile apps etc.
  • During menses ladies will have to read from mobile or pdf files or even Satcharitra’s apps are as now available. On fourth day after head shower they can read from Satcharitra book too else from mobiles or computer.
  • When you would be added on WhatsApp group it would be only for parayan purpose. You may write Om Sairam in book if you want. Please do not post any pictures, videos of Baba too as there would be so many people and if everyone does so people may miss out important notifications. I am sorry Baba, but You know our intentions and our goal towards You! Only if any query related to parayan one may ask on it. Also please don’t call us. Whatever query you may put on the group we will try our best to answer.
  • Its your moral responsibility to read two chapters allotted and report about the same with your roll no and name which would be later provided at the earliest every Thursday. This responsibility of each of you carry out properly then at all level the execution becomes smoother. If you fail to report we consider it as unread and have to get those chapters read by someone else which becomes difficult. As even if one chapter remains unread in a particular group the parayan remains incomplete for that group and efforts of everyone who have read are in vain towards parayan. So no matter where you go in the world its your responsibility for those two chapters to get them read either yourself or any of your dear ones. If you allot to someone, you don’t complete your gift of 108 parayans for Baba for Centenary year.
  • You can read and report till 7 p.m but my request to you all if possible, Read and report as early as possible as we have to track so many of you. It would help us if you read early.
  • Rest of the details with time would be provided. Although you would be able to enrol till 31st August, it would be considered on first come first serve basis. Seeing the tremendous response from people through mails, phones, messages don’t wait so long and enrol at the earliest as only first 5000 enrolments would be considered. If Baba wishes 108 such teams may come forward and we would guide them. So don’t forget to enrol and fill all the correct details.
  • Lastly if you have received the acknowledgement with your form in your mailbox, please don’t make double entries. It would increase our work and time is also less. It will take around more than one month minimum for all the preparations to be done. If due to any reasons you are making another entry please mention in remark box that due to so and so reason you are making another entry.
  • All entries strictly on first come first served basis. Fill in the P-forms here. If Baba tests us less then, Hopefully by 15th September or before you all shall be on whatsapp group. If due to any reason you aren’t able to submit forms please send all the information mentioned in the form to 108mahaparayan@gmail.com
  • Although at present only 5000 registrations would be considered and last date for registration is 31st August 2017, but as Baba hinting towards the upcoming project the registration part would continue which may later be considered for upcoming project, next year. So keep telling all Sai devotees to register for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN next year.

I have read above guidence